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Opting-In to Virtual Learning for the 2021-2022 School Year


If you are interested in virtual learning for your child or teen for 2021-22, please indicate your initial commitment now. This will help us plan for the next school year to meet all students’ needs. You will be able to review your decision and confirm your commitment to online learning again in late August/early September, before school begins.

To start this process, you will need your child’s or teen’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) and date of birth. You can find the OEN on every report card.

First, some background information to help you make your decision:

Elementary Virtual Learning

  • Virtual elementary students will participate in synchronous learning (live, real-time instruction with the teacher) and asynchronous learning (work posted online for students to complete at any time).
  • Entry or exit from full-time virtual learning will occur at three designated times in the school year: September 1, Fall Progress Report, Spring 2022.

Secondary Virtual Learning

  • Virtual secondary school also will include both synchronous learning (real-time, live instruction with the teacher) and asynchronous learning (work posted online to be completed at any time).
  • Entry/Exit from virtual learning will be at the start of each semester (September 2021, February 2022).
  • Please click here for a list of high school courses available online, to help you make your decision. You will be able to review and re-confirm your choice of virtual learning before the start of the 2021-22 school year.
  • Courses will be offered based on sufficient enrolment. Please note that we cannot offer courses virtually if they have an in-person component.

If you wish to opt-in to virtual learning for 2021-2022, please enter your student's OEN and birthdate, click the Search button, and confirm your child’s information. Please ensure you enter your name as well, then click on the Confirm button.